I just got 100 more points from SteamPoweredRaptor/SENPAI~ so everyone go watch her if you aren't already and if you aren't already why not man she's Senpai but this is more a journal about the last journal because I have more points for the moster babs now so if you have cheapish customs contact me
hhnnnI need me some lamia babes. I mean I have like 4 (one of which is a keronian) but I just love lamias. And arachnes. Or just humans that are half animals. Seriously. Right okay I've got some point (38 points in fact) if anyone does any cheap customs then comment below and I might just pay you pointies. Or if you want you can have one of my open adoptables. Or you can have a custom from me (CUSTOMS FOR CUSTOMS!) Here's the themes/animals that I'd want my human animal people things to be based off
(Side note: I don't want anthros. I want humans like this:
   Bodies of humans with legs/ears/tails/horns/wings/whatever just half human half animal. Also don't choose two animals unless you have a really good idea for it)
Yes I would love these
Snakes/lizards in general